Bridging Passion and Data-Driven Solutions

Our Mission

Pierce through false narratives to move people to action in informed, power-filled, and measurable ways

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Reimagining People-Driven Work

Are you looking to redefine what data-driven looks like for your organization? Movement building, issues advocacy, and election work is often fast-paced and long-term. Many organizations uplift, put feet on the ground, and affect lives, but at the end of a project can't always prove sustainable outcomes.

Our Moving & Proving® framework centers around "WHO," so your people-centered purpose doesn't get lost in the "doing."

Who Are Our Clients?

  • Foundations looking for winning solutions to today's toughest problems who support nonprofit growth, issue advocacy/electoral work, and community power-building
  • Nonprofits looking to widen their footprint, impact, and base
  • Governmental agencies with public-facing missions, seeking to simplify information and processes, so services run more smoothly