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Integrated Approach – Bridging Passion and Data-Driven Solutions


Moving and Proving Method

Wiser Strategy's Moving and ProvingSM Method draws inspiration and techniques from multiple disciplines—design thinking, process improvement, root-cause analysis, change management, tech, and organizing best practices—new and old school. Take your mission-driven initiatives to desired heights--from grassroots engagement to large-scale projects affecting hundreds of thousands of voters or community members.

We help you facilitate year-round voter & community engagement because laws and policies that govern our lives are in effect 365 days of the year.

Power Coaching

Organizers are the face of your organization, carry the mission forward, and facilitate the work. However, many who come into organizing spaces have little to no formal coaching or training or want to progress to a higher level with no clear path. We coach staff at all levels, so they become effective facilitators who:

  • Create an environment where professional growth, community power-building, and measurable outcomes take place
  • Bring their "best selves" forward and support others while delegating more effectively
  • Become comfortable working with agile strategies to cope with and address fast-moving, uncertain times
  • Embrace varying and seemingly unrelated technology without losing connection with the people-driven part of the work
Training [Interactive and Insightful]

Are you frustrated with staff attending yet another training, but things don't change much when they're back at the office? Online or in-person, we focus on sharing knowledge that people can apply right away. Our workshops include a mix of hard skills and experiential training, so the info sticks. Since we work within a framework, our seminars and webinars also reinforce our power coaching sessions.

Sample Workshops

  • Telling Story with Data-Clearly articulate who you are, what you've done, what needs to be overcome, and where you're going, whether it's people, policies, or systems.
  • Leadership without Title - Avoiding Common Canvassing or Organizing Leader Errors

Putting Purpose-Driven Data(SM) Into Action - Voter file, spreadsheet, and other data tool usage - Feel like data is getting in the way of the work?" "It's not the tools. It's the thinking behind the tools." We start with the 'WHY' of the work. When we contextualize data as a way to chronicle connections, it not only motivates but drives the desire for higher accuracy levels.

Operational or Service Improvement

Does where you want to go always seem to be just out of reach? Is the complexity of procedures getting in the way of your being able to run smooth services? We implement workflow/process improvements using the 80-20 principle, which means that a few things cause most problems. We collaborate with you to identify quickly the few things that prevent your service or outreach efforts from running as planned. Provide a clear-winning path for employees, volunteers, and community members by

  • Eliminating confusion caused by people being unsure about their next steps when they engage with you.
  • Integrating data seamlessly into your initiatives, so staff and volunteers want to ensure it reflects their hard efforts.
Right Message - Informed Action

Have you ever thought you had everything in place to perform an outstanding community initiative only to have it fall flat or fall apart? Maybe it's how you're delivering the message. We work with you to

  • Create public-facing information that is conveyed in a way that they can hear it, digest it, and move to action.
  • Engage with people so people can identify themselves in the issues and take action.